Wednesday, May 27, 2009

16 Minute Monster

I did this sketch a while ago to practice for a quick sketch contest. As the title states, it took 16 minutes for this guy.

And, just for MuYoung, the yellow-faced wizard pirate:

Below is the progress so far. I still need to punch up the highlights a bit and define some areas. His hair and eyebrow are not completed, yet. I've been contemplating taking this into Photoshop and combining some digital elements. Using digital and traditional media together is very interesting and I haven't quite been able to mesh the two in a satisfactory manner. Perhaps it will work well for him.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wizard Pirate Line Sketch

What would be better than a pirate? A wizard pirate. Yes, that's right. Here's the line work:

I got a bit ahead of myself and started coloring it before I scanned the line work. My under paintings are usually really bight and obnoxious colors, so I figured I would spare the wizard pirate the embarrassment of having a bright neon yellow head in public. His face has been grayed out to preserve some dignity.

Here's a close-up:

p.s. I'm trying to win a contest! Please vote for the Chimera Familiar on the Art Order blog! Leave your vote with my name (Kim Feigenbaum) in the comments section of the blog. I could use the publicity. Even more importantly, I could use any jobs that would come from that publicity :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Chimera Familiar

Art Order had us illustrating an "Unfamiliar Familiar" this week. Of course, I couldn't decide on just one animal and why should I when I can combine several different ones into one awesome Chimera Familiar? Well, that's exactly what I did and I think he could be quite useful in many situations. He has all the attributes of the normal familiars (cat, raven, snake, etc.) but with their powers combined (just like Captain Planet) he becomes a creature capable of much greater power than that of the individual familiars (but without a mullet).

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cloak of the Leech

Here is another card from Crimson Coast:

Also, summer is fast approaching and that means convention time! I'll be listing any conventions that I will be attending on the right side bar of this blog. The first one is Heroes Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina from June 19 - 21.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Boll Deevil Concept

I'm having fun over at Art Order again. We were to use the tiny, yet highly destructive Boll Weevil as inspiration:

The concept behind this critter is that he is a weapon and armor eating beast. These guys roam around searching for unsuspecting humans that just happen to carry their favorite food - metal. They use their long frontal dexterous appendages to seek out and procure edible material. Because of their size and strength, fighting back proves futile and the unfortunate humans are robbed of all armor and weapons. The beasts eat the objects, metabolizing the metal, which is then secreted as alloys to form a nearly impenetrable exoskeleton.

Watercolor, Gouache, Colored Pencil, Graphite