Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wizard Pirate Line Sketch

What would be better than a pirate? A wizard pirate. Yes, that's right. Here's the line work:

I got a bit ahead of myself and started coloring it before I scanned the line work. My under paintings are usually really bight and obnoxious colors, so I figured I would spare the wizard pirate the embarrassment of having a bright neon yellow head in public. His face has been grayed out to preserve some dignity.

Here's a close-up:

p.s. I'm trying to win a contest! Please vote for the Chimera Familiar on the Art Order blog! Leave your vote with my name (Kim Feigenbaum) in the comments section of the blog. I could use the publicity. Even more importantly, I could use any jobs that would come from that publicity :)


Mr Lee said...

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mo said...

nice! The dynamism of the cloth around him is just great!

MuYoung Kim said...

On behalf of the world, I must thank you for not making it a ninja wizard pirate as any viewer's brain would simply implode from the awesome.

I really like the expression, especially the right eye cocked open with a gleam of arcane insanity. I, for one, though would love to see the ungreyed underpainting!

Charlie Harper said...

Kim you have just been killing it this past year. Awesome awesome eye candy! I love it when my reader says there is an update on your site. I know I will be amazed each time. Take care.