Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bromide Concept WIP

I know it's been a while since I've posted any art so here is something new:

Some of you may remember the Art Order challenge about the Bromide race. Well, I've actually had a bit of free time lately and I started working on a color illustration based on the initial graphite sketch, which can be found here. I'm using mainly gouache with a bit of watercolor on hot pressed watercolor paper.

This is a few hours into the painting:

And this is after a few more:

I'm only working on this in between other obligations, so progress is slow. I hope to have this completed before the deadline of the "Best of Art Order" book submission deadline in January. Read more about that here.


CGriffin said...

What you can make gouache do is nothing short of amazing!

K. Feigenbaum said...

Thanks, Christine! Gouache is awesome. I'm surprised more illustrators don't use it much anymore. I suppose digital painting has a bit to do with it. I'm still working on getting comfortable painting in Photoshop.

MuYoung Kim said...

Wonderful rendering and color usage as always, Kim! Truly, and seeing this I should really kick my arse into gear and finish off a submission for Jon as well! So, I suppose inspirational should also be added to your growing accolades... ;)

mo said...

Wow Kim! This looks really promising!
I remember your sketch and it was really nice by itself, but the new more dynamic pose and all the beautiful colors are pushing the character to a much higher level.
Can`t wait to see the final!

K. Feigenbaum said...

Mu: I appreciate your comments, as always! I'll be looking out for your submission, you better get it in gear :)

Mo: Thanks so much! I really enjoyed working on the original sketch and I had always intended to do a color rendering. I think it would be pretty neat to create a whole world around this guy.