Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bromide Final in Color

Alright, I finally finished it. I ended up working much larger than I normally do, so it took a bit more time. It was a challenge to choose the color palette for this piece. I wanted something that would be plant-like, yet I also wanted to suggest that this guy is a bit alien. I looked at a lot of orchid and insect photos and eventually developed the palette from those references.

Gouache on hot-pressed watercolor paper


Christopher Burdett said...

WOOOOW! That turned out beautifully! What a great looking piece. I hope it makes the final cut for the Best of Artorder.

Purdy said...

I'm with Chris, it's bloody brilliant!

Purdy said...

And a question for you Kim.. how much would you sell this for, assuming you could part with it?