Monday, November 22, 2010

Marowak Redesign

This WIP is for this week's CG Hub Creature Planets Activity. The topic is to redesign a Pokemon as though it were a real creature. Naturally, I picked something involving skulls and death. Marowaks wear the skulls of their dead mothers, have an ornery temperament, and walk around throwing bones at their enemies. Cool.
The original Pokemon version:
And my version so far:

The entries are due on Nov. 24, so be sure to check out the thread over at CG Hub!


Ray said...

That's pretty cool. I was thinking of working on something for that contest too...though it's a tad intimidating with all that high quality work there. lol

Now for a productive critique so this comment isn't a pokemon that looks like he could tear a person in two, he seems to be carrying a pretty small bone around.

Lady T said...

Hi there! Saw your pic on the CG Hub entry and followed through your website to here! :) I think it's great, this Pokemon looks insane here :D Nice use of colour too.

I agree with the comment below, a bigger bone could have helped with all the other exaggeration a bit more. But other than that, perfect!

K. Feigenbaum said...

Thanks for all the comments, guys! I appreciate your input. I ended up keeping the bone the same size. It just felt right to me. Maybe he's using it to pick his teeth or something like that.