Friday, May 30, 2008

The Hermit

I just finished this piece for the Tarot Card Thunderdome on I'm quite interested in illustrating more of the major arcana, so I think that will be a fun project in the coming months. The technique for this one was a bit different than some other pieces. I started out with a pencil sketch and a watercolor under painting like usual, but instead of going straight to the colored pencil I finished most of the details with gouache. The colored pencil only served to sharpen some of the lines and details.

Also, this piece is from several years ago and was retired from the website.


joe kelly said...

i really love your drawings, the colored and the black and gray equally. I haven't done a full detailed graphite drwing in a long time but you've inspired me to do them again.

Chuckles said...

No update love for this blog lately Kim, wassup with that? This is "wheezy" from I enjoyed meeting you ate Heroes Con, I have your print hanging on the wall over my desk now. :D I got a link to your site off of mine now, maybe someone will come a clicking :P.