Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Circus Show

I'll be participating in the second annual "Circus Show" at A Bitchin' Space Gallery in Sacramento, California this September. The show will raise awareness about the inhumane treatment of performing animals and proceeds of the sale of works will be donated to several non-profit organizations.

There will also be performances, rides, and much more. Here is a quote from the gallery's website:

"The invitation-only gallery show has over 100 national
and international artists participating. The performance
line-up starts with Dan Piraro, creator of Bizarro, who will

be joined by comedian and MC, Keith Lowell Jensen, singer Larisa Bryski, plus the Kings of Drag,
jugglers, belly dancers and other performers, freaks, artist-made midway games and rides, as well
as raffle prizes including original artwork and so much more."

1 comment:

Charlie said...

So Kim you are going for the belly dancers right? I mean, heh, that's why anyone would go rigth? LOL :P

I remember seeing you draw a choco for some guy based off his original at heroes. I see you have taken that and ran with it. I was looking at the feet on that choco and was wondering to do you scribble out a silhouette and then flesh it out? Anyways, be the blogger I know you can be! :P Love your stuff, later.