Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Character Concpet

A result of a bit of brainstorming and experimentation the other day:

Mixed media and Photoshop


Christopher Burdett said...

Very cool! I am really drawn to the headdress. Every good design or drawing needs festive head gear, IMHO.

Purdy said...

Yeah agreeing with Chris, your design skills are top notch Kim.

K. Feigenbaum said...

Thanks for the comments, guys!

Chris: I have a weakness for headdresses. I would put one on everything if it made sense.

Scott: Thanks for stopping by! I'm working hard on developing some more character and creature concepts. Hopefully it will pay off, I really need some more freelance work :)

Purdy said...

I'd offer to cross my fingers for you for luck, but I don't think you need it.. still, I'll do it anyway for a wave of selfish kudos...... if there is such a thing :)