Sunday, June 7, 2009


Ink is one of my favorite mediums to work in. I love how it lends itself to a more free flowing style and I also like the fact that you have to commit to a stroke before you paint it. It's sort of a mixture between painting and drawing.

Ink on Bristol


MuYoung Kim said...

You, it always amazes me that more people don't comment here.

I've said this before, but I'm just habitually amazed at the beauty of the line you make. Elegant is the only word I think that can do it just.

Indeed, seeing these has filled me with a fervor to do some ink work myself!

K. Feigenbaum said...

Thanks Mu, you always brighten my day with your supportive comments! I would love to see some ink work from you.

I'm working on promoting the blog more, so hopefully I'll get some more viewers - and work maybe :)

MuYoung Kim said...

Congrats on having your b/w pic on ArtOrder! Really, I'd be sincerely surprised (god, I love alliteration) if you didn't get a commission from Jon.

Oh, and it appears I completely forgot how to type, spell, or construct anything resembling grammar in my last post...jeez.

mo said...

wow! this is all I can say!
these inks are all beautiful, but the first one is just simply outstanding!
it really feels that this is favorite medium... :)
great stuff! post more from these pls!